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Q:How much beer does a 1/2 keg hold?

A:  A 1/2 keg holds 15.5 gallons of beer which is about 165 12oz. glasses of beer.. Which is equal to 8 cases of beer.

Q: How much beer does a 1/4 keg hold?

A: 1/4 keg holds 7.75 gallons of beer which is about 82 12oz. glasses of beer. Which is equal to 4 cases of beer.

Q: What is the ideal beer temperature?
A: Optimum temperatures for serving cold beer are 34°-38° F (1°-3° C).

Q: How long will a keg last?
A:  The 3 main components of spoilage are bacteria, oxygen, and temperature. The rate at which beer will spoil is dependent upon the combination of all three of these factors.  If you keep your beer cold, use Co2, not air to drive the beer and you keep the dispensing system clean,  your keg will last 4 months or more with minimal or no noticeable flavor change.