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Birra Moretti Beer 6 pack 12 oz.

Birra Moretti Beer 6 pack 12 oz.

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6 x 12 oz.

Birra Moretti is known as the Italian beer that is produced only with the highest quality raw materials and a particular mixture of valuable hops that gives the beer its aroma and unique fragrance intensifying the slight bitter flavor. It is a low fermented beer that has a golden color, because of the quality of malt used. Birra Moretti is the great beer of Italian tradition, appreciated for its taste and the great quality of its ingredients. Its character- warm, sociable, authentic Italian - makes it always the best choice. Birra Moretti, the Italian Pilsner style is the perfect match for any type of food or occasion. Its slight hoppy aroma and well-balanced flavor pairs well with many types of cuisine. A Pilsner-style Lager.
Category Lager
Region Italy
Brand Birra Moretti
Alcohol/vol 4.6%