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Smithwick's Irish Ale 12 pack 200ml

Smithwick's Irish Ale 12 pack 200ml

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12 x 200ml

Aroma: Clean and delicate with different individual notes: Fruit: From the top fermentation by the Smithwicks yeast, come aromatic "esters", creating a fruity aroma. Floral: The Aroma Hops - added late in the boil, contribute clean, fresh floral notes. Malty: Ale Malt, contributes aroma hints of biscuit and caramel. Appearance: Smithwick's is clear beer with a rich ruby colour and creamy head. Taste: Refreshing & clean, with a gentle balance of: Bitterness from the hops added early in the boil. Sweet /malty note from the ale malt, and hint of roast/coffee -from the roasted barley.
Category Red Ale
Region Ireland
Brand Smithwick's