Founders Double Trouble IPA 4 pack 12 oz. Bottle
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Founders Double Trouble IPA

4 pack 12 oz. Bottle


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To bring you truly great beer, we have focused our efforts to one simple concept, ignore mainstream and brew the beer we want to drink. In this pursuit we have found lower efficiencies, higher cost, less yields and smaller market share. This may seem like an unsound business model, but in our pursuit for bigger and better beer, we also discovered a subculture of microbrewery aficionados. People like us, who enjoy beers that push the envelope. We know our beers aren't for the masses. We're dedicated to let those can-crushing, couch larva remain in the mainstream. We, on the other hand, have made the decision to creaft beers for a chosen few. You know who you are. Our promise is an over-indulged, excessive approach to brewing. One that produces only beers that people like us understand.